Friday, April 3, 2009

Its a normal Friday!

Its Friday!!! I love Friday's. Friday just makes you feel motivated to make your day get over with. It is the day I love to clean. I try and stay busy, busy, busy so my day goes FAST. Cleaning (really deep cleaning) makes the day fly by, and then my house is clean for the weekend, so I don't have to clean and I can play. Seems simple enough.
I am still praying for
Stellan. He seems to be doing really good, although mom has not posted on him yet this morning, but it is still early. I just wonder if this is going to be a long life happening for this family. His tiny heart was having issues while his mom was still pregnant with him, and then not again until now at five months old. So is this something they will be dealing with off and on his whole life or do you just get better? I don't know but I sure hope not.
Morgan is still being Morgan. Connors report card came and it is amazing. Maddie is still on
honor roll, Jaidyn is keeping me on my toes and poor Mark is teething. Kali is sick and starting to REALLY make me crazy with the "teen crankies" as I call them. Just grumpy all the time. ICKY attitude! Oh well I guess that is supposed to be normal when your age ends in the letters TEEN.
As for my hubby, he found some work, this economy is kicking our asses and our pocketbooks, but I guess I have no room to complain, that is most likely the situation for everyone. He just plasters for a living the antique stuff, and no one is remodeling or spending money on repairs to their homes right now. We will take it day by day though, and just deal, and TRY not to stress.

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