Thursday, April 2, 2009

Getting Ready for Bed...

I'm tired, but have been having a hard time falling asleep. It's probably from worrying about Morgan. I decided I would try and give her a day to regain her brain, before I call her in as a run away. She didn't really run away. She is ignoring us. What really makes me crazy is the parents of the kids she is staying with. These parents will allow your child to stay with them for days, and just assume all is good. The police or myself finally find Morgan and the parent says, "Shes a runaway? Really I had no idea". Lets see, she has been with you four days all day, all night ditching school with your child, what do you think? Assholes! I love her and I miss her I just wish she would fricking wake up! I did turn off her phone though. I have decided not to answer her 6.5 million phone calls from her friends cell phones, just to try and make her crazy and come home and deal with me face to face. Not to mention, (because all us parents are idiots) it gives me the numbers of all of her friends. HMMM I'm one smart mama! Here is a CRAZY picture of her. She loves this picture. I think its a little wild, (and short) but it is so her personality. Wild and short tempered. LOL! I have a picture of her in ROTC also, what a change from six months ago. What wrong track did we get on? The track of High School I am assuming.

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