Sunday, April 5, 2009

Emotional mama

So imagine it being 2:30 in the morning, and you are sleeping amazingly, and your phone rings and it is your daughter saying she cant breath and she needs an inhaler. Any mom would jump into mom mode and take care of the situation. But let me add some fine left out details. My *(&^%$# ex husband told Morgan (whom is 15 keep in mind) that she could do what ever this weekend, he didn't care to "listen" to her details. I have been wondering why I am having issues with her. I hate him. OK let me continue. So she cant breath, and I need to bring her an inhaler, that her responsible father made sure she packed (knowing every sleep over triggers her asthma due to peoples animals) so I go get a piece of paper to write down the address of where she is. Dakono? Where the ^&*( is that? I am informed by her, that it is near Greeley? HOURS from me. Shouldn't her dad have to go get her? HE IS THE ONE WHO DIDN'T CARE TO KNOW THE DETAILS OF WHERE SHE IS STAYING!! ohh AND IT GETS BETTER.... she doesn't know where she is, and the only adult that may know the address is not there. HMMM sounds like a crash house after a MAJOR party. So I feel like this terrible mom who cant help her child. So I said text me the address if you find it and I will come, or call 911 if your breathing gets that bad. shit I just realized how will paramedics get to her if she doesn't know where she is ( they are using a friends cell phone) hold on I have to call her and tell her to see if they have a land line. HOLD PLEASE. ok so did I mention it is also snowing? and up north is worse? she is trying to find me the address. How am I going to teach her to be more responsible??? I am tired of being stressed out by her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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