Tuesday, April 14, 2009

come on Stellan, you can beat this... show the world.

My heart is breaking for Stellan's mom. I can't imagine what she is going through. He has been sick and in the hospital for four weeks now. Her faith in God is amazing and her patients is long. I just cant imagine being in her shoes. I mean, I have faith in God, but when its your child, how do you stay strong? Poor Stellan has become part of my life. I can't go one day without knowing his condition. I get so excited and motivated to move when I read he is doing well. Then I get depressed and bummed out and sad and tearful when he is not having a good day. And he swings, from one state to the next. He does not have so so days. They are either really good, (no SVT) or bad with him going in and out of SVT all day. I guess the so so days might be when he is having SVT, but able to get out of it on his own. I keep praying for him. His surgery is scheduled for Thursday. They kept it scheduled but debated not sending him because he was doing so well the last few days and now tonight he is not doing well again. I just want this baby to get better! I just want him healed. I just want the world to see the power of prayer. How is it possible to love a child you have never met? His moms blog is just so personal and honest. Any mother scratch that, any HUMAN being, can connect with her she is just so real and open. You feel like it is your best friend or sister talking right in front of you. I just pray (hard) that he is going to get well. He is going to NOT need surgery. He is going to show the world the power of prayer. He is going to get to go home and be a NORMAL five month old. He is going to get to do what a five month old gets to do. Smile, coo and learn to crawl. He shouldn't have to be getting IV's and medications that make him vomit, and held down with ice packs on his face trying to control his heart rate. I want him to lay on a blanket in the park, letting the leaves of a tree overhead be his mobile hung by God. I pray that this is Gods wish and plan too. I pray this prayer OFTEN.

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